21 Novembre 2022

SMART AND STUPID ANIMALS Overcoming prejudices on animals’ intelligence – Thursday, 24th November 2022 – Seminar by Cinzia Chiandetti


We often doubt the intelligence of animals. But each species has evolved a peculiar form of intelligence to thrive in its evolutionary niche. There are common mental abilities that depend on common pressures, and unique abilities where each species can outperform another. This is independent from the us/them dichotomy. If we understand our cognitive biases in representing animals, we can reason and act knowledgeably in daily life with all species, a change in the paradigm that has several implications for our civic sense.

Data: Thursday, 24th November 2022

Time: 6.30PM

Place: Sala Cappella, ex Ospedale Militare, via Fabio Severo 40

Language: English/Italian

Cinzia Chiandetti is Associate Professor at the University of Trieste, DSV

Programme: click the link


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