18 Marzo 2023

A FAIRER ENERGY TRANSITION – Thursday, 23rd March 2023 – Seminar by Alois Bonifacio


The need for a rapid energy transition is clearly visible to all, but technologies enabling such transition will require a huge amount of raw materials, such as rare earths, lithium and cobalt. If not carried out properly, the extraction and use of these, as well as of others, might cause several economic, social and environmental inequalities. National and international institutions do have the tools to ensure a fairer energy transition, but it is up to all stakeholders, including citizens, to keep watch over this process. The first step is to stay informed, and to become aware about this critical aspect, on our way to a more sustainable world.

Date: Thursday, 23rd March 2023

Time:  6PM – 8PM

Place: Sala Cappella, ex Ospedale Militare, via Fabio Severo 40

Language: English/Italian

Info: Programme


 Alois Bonifacio is Associate professor in Foundations of Chemistry for Technologies at the University of Trieste (DIA)

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