16 Novembre 2023

A LIGHT TOUR OF THE DARK SECTOR – Seminar by Giovanni Cantatore – Thursday 30th November 2023


Matter and energy in known forms constitute only 4 percent of the observable Universe. This is an astounding statement, but a scientific fact nonetheless. Somewhat poetically, physicists have dubbed the remaining 96 percent "The Dark Sector", where our knowledge fails, and where ever more researchers venture in search for answers. The Dark Sector is populated by characters such as Dark Matter, which is insensitive to electromagnetic forces and cannot emit light, but whose existence we infer from its gravitational influence, and Dark Energy, a mysterious form of energy responsible for the accelerated expansion of the Universe.

A brief historical introduction will start  the light tour of the Dark Sector, to understand how we became aware of it existence, then we will explore, from a broad perspective, a few of the many scientific efforts attempting to unravel its mysteries and extend our knowledge of the Universe. We will make the acquaintance of “yet-to-be-discovered”  exotic subatomic entities such as Axions, WIMPs and Chameleons, but we will also learn about the incredibly sophisticated experimental techniques which have been invented to search for these and other elusive phenomena. The tour will end with few answers and many open questions, possibly leaving an even stronger sense of awe at the mysteries of the Universe.

Date: Thursday, 30th November 2023

Time:  6:30 PM

Place: Sala Cappella, ex Ospedale Militare, via Fabio Severo 40

Language: English

Info: Programme

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Giovanni Cantatore is Associate Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Trieste



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